I apologize for these corrections. I try really hard to not make mistakes, but obviously some slip through! If you find any errors in any of my work, please contact me at suehillisdesigns@aol.com so I can post the corrections. Later printings of these titles have been corrected.

  • 10 Extra Pounds
  • The ∩ symbol is used twice on this chart. Future printings are corrected. Please refer to the color image on the leaflet to see which gets stitched with Rose and what gets stitched with Tan.

  • SHD Map 38 Pennsylvania
  • After being in publication for 40 years, a stitcher let me know that there is an H at the end of Pittsburgh! Sorry that Imissed that one! Future printings are corrected. You can easily add an H to the leaflet you already have. There is plenty of room to place it, and you can use the H from Johnstown just below it.

  • Two by Two, the story of Noah
  • There are several omissions in this 80 page book...plus the octopi are missing eyes, and there are a couple of birds that seem to have flown off the chart. Please email me with your snail mail address, and I will send you the correction sheet.

  • When I am an Old Woman (I shall wear purple)
  • The color key calls for Perle Cotton, Color 3717. It should be color 818 Very Light Pink.

  • 2009 Alaskan Cruise Brochure
  • Missed Symbols
  • 1 DMC 435 Vy Lt Brown
    + DMC 677 Old Gold Vy Lt

  • Pirate Designs
  • Arrrrhh! PS144
    Missed Symbol < DMC 415
    Pillage & Plunder PS145
    First V symbol (DMC 310) should be a solid filled-in ▼

  • Santa's Magic Key L451
  • Missed Symbol U DMC 772 Vy Lt Yellow Green

  • Cluttered Kitchen L491
  • X Sullivans 45097 or DMC 436 Tan

  • Easter Bunny's Apron L303
  • There are two + symbols in the key. The first + symbol is correct with color 822. The second + symbol needs to be changed to the 1 symbol.

  • Happy Easter 2011 L436
  • The + symbol is blended needle using one strand each of Sullivans 45146 (DMC 642)Beige Gray Dk and Sullivans 45140 (DMC 644) Beige Gray Med
    The 1 symbol should be Sullivans 45363 (DMC 3713) Salmon Vy Lt.
    That right angle symbol for Sullivans 45076 (DMC 352) Coral Lt is correct.
    Bunnie's eyes are cross stitched with Sullivans 45396 (DMC 3790) Ultra Dk Beige Gray, then the 1/4 stitch is stitched on top of it..

  • Happy Brithday Girl L438
  • Please use Sullivans 45067 or DMC 334 (Baby Blue, med) for the border in the weight and date block. I see that the baby's name block doesn't give you the color for the name. Please use Sullivans 45063 or DMC 322 (Baby Blue vy dk) for that.

  • Happy Stitching L440
    The 1 symbol and - symbol are both stitched with SULS 45427 or DMC 3830 Terra Cotta

  • Stitching Santa L224
  • The L symbol should be stitched the same color as the / symbol

  • Pajama Santa L233
  • Missing symbol 9 should be DMC 801 or Sullivans 45211

  • Happy Independence Day L441
  • V and solid filled-in ▼ both use DMC 815

  • My Favorite Things L416
  • / 45297 963 Dusty Rose Ult Vy Lt
    A 45193 762 Pearl Gray Vy Lt