Copyright Info

Photocopying charts and instructions to share with others is the singlemost threat to the health of the needlework industry.

We are losing talented designers because of the frustration of finding their work has been copied and shared with others. Imagine spending weeks and months perfecting a design only to learn (sometimes within days of publication) that someone has copied the chart/leaflet and posted it online to be shared freely among every stitcher in the entire universe! So in essence, the designer has not been paid for her talent or fact, she may not ever recoup the costs she has invested (printing costs, model stitching, business overhead, marketing, and more!), all because a stitcher is not willing to pay for the chart.

If you see a copyrighted chart that is being shared freely on line, there is a good chance it is an illegal copy. A legal copy will credit the designer or shop who gave the permission. It is illegal to scan and upload a chart to share with others on the internet. It is a violation of the designer's copyright, the laws of the United States, and international copyright law.

Support your favorite shops and designers! Remember that photocopying is illegal and it will put designers and shops out of business. Thank you for being a considerate stitcher!